How to get more likes on Instagram?

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Come avere più like su Instagram

Are you trying to understand how to get more likes on Instagram? If this is your intent, you probably want to increase your social visibility as soon as possible. Maybe you have a start-up or brand to promote, a product or service to launch, or a hobby that you want to turn into a job. Maybe, you want to make yourself known to broaden your following and become a successful influencer

Do you find yourself in one of these situations? If you answered yes, you should know that you are in the right place. In fact, we are going to share 4 winning tricks with you, which will help you to get more likes, day after day. Let’s get start right away!

How to get more likes on Instagram by observing!

If you want to know how to get more likes on Instagram, the first thing you need to do is to observe carefully your account. You should identify which posts got the most likes and analyse them:

  • Which hashtags did you use?
  • At what time did you share them?
  • What kind of caption did you publish?

Answer these questions and use the collected data to repeat everything that worked. Take advantage of those winning hashtags, publish at the times when you have received more interactions and follow the style of the captions that have proven to be able to capture the attention of other users.

How to get more likes on Instagram by interacting

When you interact with others, others interact with you. You noticed that, didn’t you? Even just for curiosity, the people you have put a like will go to your profile and do the same with your posts. So, during the day, you have to log-in several times and interact with others. When you give hearts, you receive hearts and understand how to get more likes on Instagram in a short time!

Increase like instagram: learn a trade for a rainy day…

Is there by chance one or an instagrammer that you appreciate and/or that you particularly like? Between your favourites, find one that publishes posts similar to yours and/or has the same interests as you. If you have a company, a professional activity and/or a shop, you have to find your competitors.

Once you have found the users of your niche, observe them: what are the posts that have captured the most likes? At this point, you can take advantage of the questions you find in trick n°1. You have to identify the strengths of those contents and use them in your favour: you can take inspiration and follow these examples, but you must remember to be original and different from the others.

Trick n°4: The style matters

Those who wants to understand how to get more likes on Instagram, should know that having the same style in the posts is a winning feature. It is a solution that leads users to remember and recognize your posts every time they find them on the wall. Then find your own distinctive feature and create your own style for the posts. It can be a filter or maybe a color.

For example, many successful instagrammers publish all their photos in black and white, while others share a sequence of three photos at once. Having a personal style and maintaining it is an attitude that users like a lot: it will help you distinguish yourself and capture their attention.


What if this is not enough? Here’s how to get more likes on Instagram…

The tricks mentioned above work. It is not a coincidence that they are part of the best social media marketing strategies. However, your profile will grow steadily … but slowly! To speed up the process, you can count on Visibility Reseller. In our site you will also find the blog with many other tips that will allow you to understand how to get more likes on Instagram. By taking a look at the various pages, you will see that we also offer you the opportunity to purchase quality increases … You tell us how many likes you want and we give you them! We are waiting for you!


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