Instagram hides like from the photos, what’s really going on?

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Instagram hides like

Instagram hides like from the photos

According to the latest updates, Instagram has decided to hide the likes from photos and videos. But why the sudden decision? Let’s go and understand what is happening and, above all, what will be the future consequences on this social network.
Instagram tries to reassure its users, stating the choice to hide the likes from all published content is just an idea and not necessarily feasible. The first tests started in Canada, since they were considered as expert users compared to other parts of the world.

There is a social motivation behind the choice of Instagram hides like

The goal is to ease the pressure that the user feels towards the opinions of other members of the community. These ratings on Instagram are also measured by the number of likes.
Recent surveys have shown that social networks, if misused, can cause envy, frustration and even depression.
Many users, observing the seemingly perfect life of their social favourites and failing to achieve the same results, have been seized with negative feelings.

That’s why Instagram came up with the idea to hide the likes from the photos, in order to make the virtual social a quiet place and a community made of happy people.

So who can see likes? Instagram hides like

Likes on Instagram are hidden from others, while you can still see them in the statistics.
It will therefore be necessary to have a company profile.
Instagram has decided to hide likes from photos, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have any value anymore. Therefore, Likes will continue to be counted by the algorithm and the success of a content will continue to depend on the number of interactions.
Ultimately, from a practical point of view, nothing changes. The success of a photo will always depend on the number of interactions you will receive, including likes, even if they will not be visible to other users.
Social media aims to improve the user’s experience and relieve the pressure that the user experiences compared to the judgment of others.

Will everything really change once Instagram hides like?

Social networks are based on very specific dynamics.
Therefore, each of us wants to be accepted, fears the judgment of others and wants to show a winning image.
It is utopian to believe that these dynamics are dampened simply by hides like.
If it is no longer possible to judge content by likes, there will always be comments as evaluation. These, of course, will become even more important.
Some fear that with the disappearance of likes, the number of followers of a profile will be even more important, and this could encourage the acquisition of false followers.
The internal marketing influencer activity could be compromised.

Is it really a bad choice to Instagram hides like?

If Instagram decides to definitively hide the likes from the photos, how will brands evaluate the profiles with which to start a collaboration? It will be necessary to request in advance screenshots of the insights.
This is really complex for a preliminary evaluation.
In short, it is really difficult to predict today what repercussions the choice of hiding likes from photos on Instagram might have.
The noble purpose of the choice is appreciable, but it is not possible to ignore the negative repercussions that could occur.

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