In 2017 the best tool was probably the “Like Bombing”. This technique requires that the number of big accounts in the same niche that have around a million followers, come to like and comment on a post, shortly after publication.

The Power Likes is different from the Like Bombing in that, in this case, the likes come from successful profiles, but not necessarily from the same niche and never with large numbers.

The Fuelgram platform is a security. It became famous thanks to the auto-round service

The Power Like offered by Fuelgram is probably the safest in circulation. It guarantees up to 500 Power Likes and up to 500 Power Views.

Each account must meet strict parameters, and this is certainly the most positive aspect.

The second Power Like service is provided by

Compared to that offered by Fuelgram it is definitely more customizable ..

Goso offers a whole series of packs.

The options are many:

To avoid confusion it would be better to use only Power Like if you publish photos, and Power Like combined with Power Views if you publish videos.

Gaining global research and therefore virality, will not only offer a lot of visibility to the contents, but will allow you to grow organically, without the need for other strategies.

The technique just described offers the best of itself on video content.

The Power Like of Fuelgram and that of are certainly the two best services.