Terms and conditions

By using the services connected to the VisibilityReseller.com site (hereafter “the services” or “the service”) the reader must comply with the conditions and the terms of use set out below. These conditions concern Visibility Reseller of Viktoria Corte owner of the VisibilityReseller.com service and manager of the site’s contents and related services.

Viktoria Corte’s Visibility Reseller reserves the right to change, add or delete parts of these conditions, informing the interested people through the publication of news on the site or by e-mail. Each user is required to periodically check these conditions to verify any changes that may have occurred.

In any case, the use of the site and its services implies the acceptance of the changes that have occurred in the meantime. If changes are not accepted, the reader can ask for a deletion of their account at any time by e-mailing at info@visibilityreseller.com

Viktoria Corte’s Visibility Reseller reserves the right to change, suspend or even partially interrupt the service, including the access to the database or contents. Viktoria Corte’s Visibility Reseller can also impose access or services limitations, fully or partially, without previous notice and without assuming responsibility for any services limitations. If you do not accept all the terms DO NOT BUY. By making a purchase on Visibility Reseller it is assumed you have accepted these terms.

Visibility Reseller is intended only for promotional purposes for your account and for Instagram advertising. We do not need your Instagram credentials to provide our service.

On the checkout page you will find a mandatory field where you are requested to insert the link to your profile, photo or content you want to promote. The profile you putmust be public and not private. If you insert a photo link it is assumed that you need Likes and that you are buying Likes. If you buy Followers and insert a photo link you take the full responsibility for any mistakes. No refund will be provided and you will have to proceed with a new order.

Once the payment has been completed, the order will be processed immediately by sending a request to the supplier. This process can take up to 48 hours to provide the service. However, we inform you that orders of more that 1000 units (followers, likes, views, etc…) will be distributed over several days, and in no cases it will be distributed immediately, in order not to violate the rules of the Instagram community or other social media.

The payment will be carried out for every single purchase of packages and the correspondent charge will be automatic and immediate. Please note that the payment is not intended as recurring nor as a subscription. If you open a fraudulent dispute against us we will reserve the right to delete your account.


No registration to the website is required.


You are not allowed to copy programming codes, texts nor images from the Visibility Reseller website without a written consent from a Visibility Reseller representative.

If you write a review on Visibility Reseller we will have the full right to use your review and publish it on other websites, unless you explicitly ask us not to. If you contact us we will remove your review within 24 hours.

6. exemption from liability

Visibility Reseller is not responsible for any account suspensions nor deletion of images carried out by Instagram. In any case Visibility Reseller is not responsible for any damages that may affect you or your business. We do not offer any guarantees of this kind regarding the services provided. Since Visibility Reseller is based on the WEB we cannot guarantee the processing time nor the availability of the WEB site.

Since Visibility Reseller offers an irrevocable and abstract service, no refund will be issued after the order has been completed. There are some exceptional cases in which, under certain circumstances, we may issue refunds.

8.Privacy Policy
By clicking on this link you can read our Privacy Policy.

9. Disputes (ODR)
With reference to the Article 14 of EU Regulation 524/2013, users can use the ODR platform for any type of dispute.. The platform can be reached directly from here.