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How to avoid Instagram’s temporary blocks.

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How to avoid Instagram’s temporary blocks.

It is well known that Instagram is fighting against false interactions. After penalizing the “likes” now Instagram has decided to behave in the same way also with the follow.

The Instagram’s goals for 2019 are becoming increasingly stringent.

More and more users are experiencing problems with temporary blocks.


We find temporary blocks that affect the “follow” operation. Instagram has decided to put a new barrier.

The maximum is now 6000 monthly transactions.

The block on the follow will remain on the profile until the sum of the total operations in the last 30 days will not be less than 6000.

Then you can start growing again, but respecting the new restrictions applied by Instagram.

Another important tip is to avoid using the follow with the unfollow simultaneously.


Instagram turned to like and fake followers through its official blog.

Now the only real difficulty concerns the Instagram limits.

We try to understand better.

About limits in the Instagram API documentation we read

– 60 likes per hour

– 60 hourly comments

– 60 follows per hour

In reality these limits have been lowered

Actually Instagram tends to block the like operations more.

Many users receive 24-hour temporary blocks on likes, which sometimes last for days.

Why do blocks mainly affect likes?

In the post, Instagram suggested changing passwords and disconnecting from any suspicious application, especially those that generate fake likes.

It should be noted that Instagram tends to block those users who interact from different devices and IP addresses, often at the same time.

This situation suggests that the profile in question is using some tools or application for auto likes.

The first countermeasure to be taken is to always interact with just one device, which further decreases the number of hourly operations on likes. The limits in theory remain 60 hourly operations, but it is good not to exceed 50.

While putting these suggestions into practice, the block often reappears.

The only way out is to suspend any type of operation, publication excluded, for a week.

Overcoming hourly limits imposed by Instagram means exposing yourself to the risk of your account being suspended. This rarely happens to the first infringement. At the beginning Instagram alerts you by limiting your actions, usually going to suspend the offending action for 24 hours.

However it is necessary not to exceed the hourly limits of the follow / unfollow functions.

We must also be cautious with comments, ie not exceeding 100 comments a day.

Some considerations on the limits of Instagram on hashtags:

The limit set by Instagram is 30 hashtags per post, better not risk it!


Lately the social network tends to block those who exaggerate with likes operations. Especially if it performs actions from different IP addresses.

For the likes, it is not necessary to exceed 50 operations per hour, it is advisable to remain under the 40 comments and as regards the “following”, always stay below the threshold of 200 operations per day.

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