To become viral on Instagram, you need to end up in the explore section, the one related to global research. Actually lately it is possible to become viral also thanks to hashtags. Being in the popular hashtags can guarantee thousands of targeted views.

Usually the photos have a better chance of ending up in the most popular hashtags, while the videos in the “explore” section. As soon as you are in the “global search” section of Instagram, the posts will take flight. When a photo exceeds 100,000 views, growth by virality is guaranteed.

Today, growing through follow / unfollow is increasingly complicated and risky.

To use Power Likes, high quality content is essential.

The Instagram algorithm update better rewards videos than photos. In fact, videos have a greater chance of ending up in the Explore section. The videos occupy more and more space than the photos, the formats dedicated to them are always in the foreground and clearly larger than the photos.

In order of satisfaction in the first place we find the videos, in the second position the multiple photos and then the individual photos.

Until recently, hashtags were of marginal importance.

Now choosing the right hashtags can make the difference. If before this section offered a negligible number of views today it is no longer the case.

Videos remain the best format to grow virally with Power Likes.