Want to know how to increase Instagram followers with giveaways? Here are some ideas ….

1: Follow to win

The easiest way to start a race is to follow to win, better if combined with a like one.

2: Follow and share to enter the contest

It’s about asking people to follow and share your post. So more people will see your post and can follow and share.

3: Collaborate with an influencer

First of all, look for an influencer in your own niche and work together to create a competition in which the user must follow your account or account and the influencer account

4: Weekly competitions

Increasing the number of contests for a weekly draw or even a monthly draw is an excellent opportunity.

5: Give a gift to my “X” follower

An “excellent strategy to boost your account is to offer a gift to the” X “thousandth follower or a casual follower.

6: Create interest around your product with a contest.

Ask your faithful followers to make a video or photo with your product and publish it on their social network. The best entry will win.

In short, something good will come out with imagination, research and comparison of ideas.